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[sticky post] Fic Masterlist

My fic, ordered by fandom. Full information, including kinks and any warnings, is listed in the fic headers.

**Last Updated: 9/16/2014**

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Trick or Treat 2017 Letter

So, this is my first year doing the Trick or Treat exchange, and I'm happy to be giving it a shot. :)

I like all sorts of fic, so I'm pretty flexible! Also, I like both happy/fluffy fic and pretty dark stuff, so feel free to go in whichever direction you want. I don't mind unhappy endings. I have some favorite ships, but I also enjoy gen and friendship fic just as much.

I'm not very good at coming up with prompts, and it's hard to get a balance between including proper prompts and having nothing. I tried to include some things that I like/would find interesting about the characters I requested, but feel free to ignore or use that as a rough guideline.

General likes:

- Friendship fic
- Character studies and backstory
- Smut
- For porn, things I like include like anal sex/play, spanking, power play, slavefic, A/B/O, BDSM AUs, humiliation, and watersports. I like both consensual and non-con/dub-con interpretations. Also, I'm cool with a lot of kinks written in a way that's not explicitly sexual, like spanking as non-sexualized punishment or A/B/O worldbuilding. I'm also happy with vanilla smut, though!
- Darkfic/art
- Humor
- Loyalty kink (one character is very loyal toward and cares for another. Recognition of that from the other character can be nice but isn't essential)
- Pining (mutual or non-mutual)
- Enemies becoming friends/lovers and maybe not completely trusting each other
- Characters getting a break from their usual routine, like going out
- Bonding and unexpected friendships
- I love Halloween, so if you want to do something Halloween-themed, I'm definitely game!

Some specific likes for tricks:

- Body horror
- Tentacle monsters
- Gaslighting/manipulation
- Mind control
- Frightening visions/hallucinations/apparitions (take of this what you will--could be ghosts, hallucinations, telepathy, etc.)
- Characters not trusting their own perceptions/questioning reality
- Hauntings/ghosts
- Stockholm syndrome/lima syndrome


- Explicit underage sex
- Character bashing (characters being criticized or made fun of a bit is fine. I just like it to feel fair or good-humored)
- Animal abuse


X-Men (Alternate Timeline movies)

Characters requested: Erik Lehnsherr, Ororo Munroe, Hank McCoy, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier, Peter Maximoff.

Some of my favorite pairings are Charles/Hank, Charles/Erik, and Jean/Ororo, but I'm pretty flexible on that. I also really like team interaction, solo gen, and friendship.

Some prompts/things I like:

- Anything related to the school. Maybe Charles and Hank running the school together, or one or both of them interacting with students in general. Or Jean or Ororo in a school context. If you want to go with a Halloween theme, maybe the students want to celebrate Halloween.

- Hank taking care of Charles or being loyal to him in general.

- Hank and Charles navigating being in a relationship.

- Hank adjusting to his Beast form, or dealing with challenges related to it. How does it affect his life, either physically (ie, does he have a hard time working in his lab at first because he's not used to his new hands?) or mentally/socially (he must have had to stay in hiding before he developed the serum and before mutants became mainstream). If you pair him with someone, it'd be interesting to see the sexual implications addressed--like, does he worry about accidentally hurting his partner with his strength or his sharp teeth?

- Jean and/or Ororo learning to control their powers or playing with them (whether it's harmless or not is up to you).

- Charles relating to Jean as a telepath and seeing himself in her.

- Jean and Ororo being friends.

- Ororo adjusting to life at the school and in the US.

- Ororo having a crush on Jean (either requited or not).

- Charles pushing the ethical boundaries of telepathy. This could be anything from occasionally influencing people for convenience to something darker like holding someone prisoner using his powers or altering their memory in a major way.

- Anything related to Charles being a telepath, in general.

- Peter getting more involved at the school after Apocalypse. Maybe the younger kids look up to him and he's not sure what to think about it.

- Peter's criminal activities and thrill-seeking behavior.

- Erik finding out that Peter is his son. Up to you whether you want to take it in a humorous or more dramatic direction. I would be all for Erik being exasperated by Peter and them having some fun father-son interaction, but I'd also enjoy a more serious take on how hard it might be for them to figure things out.

- Anything about Erik's time with his Brotherhood in between XMFC and his capture. How did he get along with his new friends/followers, especially when most of them had been following Shaw? What type of leader was he?

- Anything about the effect that Erik's time in prison had on him, or how he was treated. Go as angsty or dark as you'd like.

- For Charles/Erik, I like in-universe stuff or AUs where they have their powers. I also have a fondness for bottom!Erik (and, in A/B/O, omega!Erik), but I'm not particular on that by any means.

Alien Series

Characters requested: David 8, Elizabeth Shaw, Meredith Vickers.

In addition to gen, I really like David/Elizabeth. I'd also be interested in seeing more David/Vickers.

Some prompts/things I like:

- David/Elizabeth, especially if Elizabeth never quite trusts him. I'd be interested in seeing them relate to each other without removing the conflict between them.

- AU where Elizabeth gets a different ending (for better or worse).

- Anything about what happened leading up to Elizabeth's death.

- Elizabeth was alive to see the Engineers' planet (and learns what David did).

- Elizabeth's life/career on Earth before Prometheus.

- David learning more about the Engineers' practices and technology. When did he decide to destroy them and carry on their experiments?

- David's twisted ideas about creation and life.

- Backstory about David's life with Peter Weyland. I'd also be interested in David/Peter Weyland if you wanted to take it in that direction.

- Vickers' life and background before Prometheus. I feel like there are a lot of questions about her, especially in regards to her relationship with her father. Was it well-known that she was Weyland's daughter? What was the source of the conflict between them?

- Anything about David and Vickers' relationship and rivalry, and how they saw each other.

- David/Vickers. Maybe they have hatesex. Maybe Vickers takes out her anger on him. Maybe one or both of them worry about Weyland finding out and disapproving. Or maybe they relate to each other in some way even though there's also some resentment.

White Collar

Characters requested: Mozzie, Sara Ellis, Alex Hunter, Diana Berrigan.

Pairings I like with these characters include Sara/Alex, Sara/Diana, Alex/Kate, and Sara/Neal. I also really like team/friendship fic and characters working together, especially if it's an eccentric or unexpected combination (like Mozzie and Sara or Mozzie and Diana).

Some prompts/things I like:

- Mozzie's schemes, unusual interests, disguises, and conspiracy theories. Maybe he introduces another character to the Tiles of Fire movies, or comes up with a bizarre Halloween costume.

- Mozzie interacting with Diana and/or her son (maybe Theo can go trick or treating).

- I also really like Mozzie's friendships with Elizabeth and Neal, and his interaction with Peter.

- For Diana, Sara, and Alex, I really like that while they have different characteristics and strengths but are all very good at what they do and are highly-motivated. I like Diana's toughness and assertiveness, Sara's determination, and Alex's self-protectiveness. I'd love anything involving their jobs (or "job" in Alex's case), even if it's not detailed casefic.

- I also really like how Sara skirts the line between being on the law-abiding side and sometimes breaking the rules.

- Anything involving Sara's sister. I'm a little annoyed that there was never much closure in canon--even in the form of her explicitly accepting that there might not be a resolution.

- I like Diana's teamwork with Jones and Neal.

- Something post-finale involving one of the requested characters would be interesting. What do they go on to do?

- For something Halloween/horror-themed, maybe someone could find themselves with a cursed/haunted artifact. Or they could break into a haunted building.


Characters requested: Toshiko Sato, Suzie Costello, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones.

If you go with something shippy, I ship pretty much ship everyone with everyone in Torchwood. I'm not a big fan of Children of Earth and I didn't watch Miracle Day, so I'd prefer something that takes place prior to that (or a canon-divergence AU).

Some prompts/things I like:

- Suzie's experiments with the resurrection gauntlet.

- Backstory and character study for Suzie. Why did she hate her father? How did she come to start killing for her experiments?

- Toshiko being smart and competent.

- Ianto's experiences with Torchwood One and trying to save Lisa.

- Jack's backstory and years on Earth as an immortal. Also, his missing memories from his time as a Time Agent. If you wanted to go a darker route, I'm interested by the implications that he's done some pretty dark things, both that he remembers and doesn't remember.

- My favorite episodes are Cyberwoman; Countrycide; Greeks Bearing Gifts; They Keep Killing Suzie; Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang; Adrift; and Fragments. I love fic based on those.

- Alien tech gone awry (either in a light-hearted or dark way).

- People coming/going through the Rift.

- Aliens. And sex involving aliens if you wanted to go that route.

- Anything involving the Year That Never Was and the effect it had on Jack or on the team.

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Moving on?

First of all, hi! Wow, it's been a little while since I've really posted much. Honestly, I've just been busy. Also, this has always been a primarily fannish account, and while I still love White Collar, I haven't been as active in the fandom or writing as much fic (though I still have some WIPs, including one that will be posted soon). And my newer fandoms aren't on LJ as much.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this is because, as a lot of people have noticed, LJ recently moved completely over to servers in Russia, and have updated their TOS accordingly. I'm not particularly concerned about what this means for me, personally, but I'm not comfortable with continuing to use LJ. For right now, I plan to stop posting to this account. If you don't already, please feel welcome to look me up on Dreamwidth, AO3, and Tumblr (I'm citrinesunset everywhere). There's a chance that I'll consider deleting this account. I don't really want to, but it's a possibility. If I do, I'll try to back everything up first.

ETA: I've been thinking about it, and it's highly unlikely that I'm going to delete my account or any content on here. I hate deleting stuff and I don't see how it would make much difference except maybe to inconvenience people who may have fic that was posted here bookmarked or something. But as I say above, I'm planning to stop posting here and using this account more than "necessary." If anything changes, like if they start purging inactive accounts, I'll cross that bridge then.

Smut Swap 2017 Letter

Hi! I hope this letter is helpful. I find Smut Swap signups difficult because 1) there are so many tags to choose from and I tend to go wild picking kinks and 2) I'm not really that picky/specific. I didn't have a lot of time to complete my signup, so I decided to save optional details/prompts for my letter.

But seriously, I'm pretty flexible. My only major likes/dislikes, for the purpose of this exchange:

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Fic: 1461 Days

Title: 1461 Days
Word Count: 11,733
Characters/Pairings: Gen, Neal
Rating: Teen and up
Warnings: Non-explicit violence, brief references to sex.
Summary: AU: Instead of prisons, convicts are sentenced to serve their sentences in penal colonies. After being convicted of bond forgery, Neal is sent to a small island colony for four years.
Notes: This was written for whitecollar_bb. My artist was treonb, who made an awesome video. Please check it out!

The mirror was too small to get a good look at his face, and shaving with a knife, let alone one he used to gut fish, was less than idealCollapse )

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Fic: "Three Strikes" (The Devil You Know)

Title: Three Strikes
Fandom: White Collar
Characters/Pairing: Peter/Neal, implied Peter/Neal/Elizabeth
Rating: Explicit
Contains: Slavery, sexual slavery, extremely dubious consent, spanking, figging, rimming
Word count: 5300
Summary: Three of Neal's misdeeds are discovered on the same day. Peter isn't happy.

Notes: Part of the Devil you Know series. I still intend to write more fic in this series that majorly drives the story forward, but this is just a kinky piece about Neal getting in trouble.

The trouble started when Peter realized he needed to pay his credit card billCollapse )

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Title: Freedom Bound
Fandom: White Collar
Characters/Pairing: Neal/Adler, Neal/Peter, Neal/OMC
Rating: Explicit
Contains: Slavery, abuse, very dubious-consent
Word count: 10,500
Summary: Neal has been Vincent Adler's prized slave for years, but he has a secret: he's planning to escape, and make a new life for himself using Adler's money. When an FBI agent starts to investigate Adler, things get complicated.

Notes: Written for wcpairings for nywcgirl. This was supposed to be a short, simple slavefic in the 2-6k word range, but somehow it grew, or my plot proved to be more ambitious than I realized. Also, I had a very bad cold last week, and had less time to finish and revise than anticipated, so many thanks to Elrhiarhodan for letting me delay my posting date a little.

Neal was pretty sure he was the only slave in Manhattan who was being fitted for a bespoke suit.Collapse )

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Meme: DVD Commentary

elrhiarhodan startedt his, and I've seen it floating around my f-list a bit, so I decided to do it, as well.

Pick a passage from my stories, up to 500 words, from anything I've written in my LJ Masterlist and on AO3 (AO3 is more complete right now), and comment to this post with that selection (including a link to the story being excerpted). I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the story, awful puns [perhaps], and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

If you would like to ask about multiple stories, that's awesome. Please post the passages in separate comments so that I can respond coherently about each one. :)

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What does it take to cheer me up after a long evening battling seasonal allergies? News that Lucifer has been renewed!

This is super exciting. I've escaped the heartbreak of becoming invested in a fandom too early. No way of knowing how long the show will last, of course, but at least this season won't be it.

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Okay, so, I've managed to get really into the new Fox show Lucifer. And now I'm really nervous about whether it's going to be picked up for a second season or not.

It took a few weeks for the show to grow on me. I started with episode four, which I only watched on a whim because it was on after The X-Files, and it kind of annoyed me. But I decided to give it a try for a couple more weeks, and now it's grown on me so much.

It's kind of an odd show. I haven't really read the Lucifer comics much (I'm mainly familiar with the character from Sandman, which is one of my favorite series ever), but I can tell that this seems like an adaptation in name only. Turning the story into a police procedural and making Lucifer a freaking consultant seems like a silly and frankly lazy choice to me considering how common crime procedurals are. The procedural aspect isn't even all that great, to be honest. I haven't found any of the cases too interesting. The attempted UST between him and Detective Chloe Decker also feels really formulaic to me.

Considering how even network TV has gotten a lot darker and boundary-breaking than it used to be, and how it's tried to jump on the bandwagon of antihero shows like Breaking Bad, Lucifer is surprisingly tame and dorky so far. I mean, Hannibal really pushed the limits of what's acceptable for Network TV, and you would kind of expect a show about the literal Devil to do the same. But while Lucifer does have moments where he's genuinely creepy and actually seems dangerous, he's mostly played like a petulant party boy who does stuff like bribe his way out of speeding tickets and smoke pot. And as much as he talks about wanting to punish people, we never actually see him do anything very bad. He's pretty tame, which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes the show does seem like it doesn't quite know what tone it's going for. It reminds me a little of Torchwood in that respect. Like, are we supposed to see the half-assed demon face Lucifer sometimes flashes to scare people with as genuinely threatening? It looks like something out of a kid's show.

But the thing is, I really love the show so far. It's flawed, but I love it for the same reasons I loved Torchwood and love White Collar. It's fun. It's funny. There's banter and charm ridiculous situations. It's always this type of show, which I feel like I shouldn't necessarily like this much, that worms its way into my heart and puts down roots. I mean, I probably sound fairly critical of it, but I really do love it more than it probably deserves.

And Tom Ellis is so great as the main character. He does sell both the creepy and playful sides of Lucifer very well.

And this is why I hate getting into shows in their first season. I don't want it to be canceled. :/

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