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Smut Swap letter

Hello! This is my letter for Smut Swap!

Okay, so maybe I should have been more, I don't know, organized with my request. To be honest, I just sort of went wild and picked pairings and kinks with abandon. I didn't really organize my requests by pairing much, so there are a few instances where not all of the kinks necessarily fit all of the pairings, but in all cases, if a pairing and kink are on the same request together, you're at complete liberty to combine the two.

To be clear upfront, while I love kink, I won't be unhappy with a more vanilla fic at all. I realized as I was finishing my sign-up that it probably comes across as though I'm only going to be happy with really heavy, dubiously-consensual kink, but really very easy to please. The only caveats:

- I'm not into M/f, where a female character is the submissive/bottom during kinky activities/victim in a dub-con or non-con scenario and a man is in the dominant role. I go more for M/m, F/f, and F/m.

- I'm not into underage.

- I'm not usually into non-consensual permanent body modification/disfigurement, but I'll make an exception for Hannibal because, well, it's pretty much canon there.

So, what do I like? Generally speaking:

- D/s. I enjoy all sorts of D/s in fic. I have a special fondness for 24/7 D/s. This includes both realistic and unrealistic scenarios. I love more realistic 24/7 D/s where the characters balance their dominant and submissive roles with having a domestic life together. How do they balance their kink roles with the more mundane aspects of their relationship?

But I also like complete fantasy scenarios that wouldn't be safe, sane, and consensual in real life.

- I like slavefic, especially AUs where people legally own sex slaves. I'm pretty flexible about the portrayal, but I like it best when it's a bit harsh but not completely bleak. I don't go so much for the slave being completely broken.

- Spanking and punishment. I like spanking best when it's being used as a genuine punishment, but fun, kinky spanking is good, too! I like the spankee being put across the spanker's knee. I also enjoy non-spanking punishment, whether in a D/s scenario, a slave scenario, or something different/less formal.

- Humiliation. Verbal and public humiliation in particular.

- Exposure/exhibitionism. One character is naked in front of one or more clothed characters, a character exposing their ass or genitals for people to see, etc.

- Watersports. My favorite is when it's a domination thing: a character pissing on another character as a show of dominance, watching the submissive character pee, controlling when they pee, etc. But I'm welcome to other takes on the kink, too.

Note: It's fine if you want to add additional kinks that weren't on my request, too.

As for fandom-specific stuff:

White Collar: I made two requests for this one.

Request #1: I requested Peter/Neal and Neal/Hagen. Peter/Neal is my favorite White Collar pairing. I haven't read much Neal/Hagen, but I enjoy Neal paired with villains and would enjoy seeing what you come up with if you go that route.

Request #2: I requested Neal/Sara, Neal/June, Sara/Alex, and Sara/Keller.

Neal/Sara is one of my other favorite pairings. I would love to see more D/s or BDSM between them with Sara in the dominant role.

Neal/June is a pairing that I don't think I've seen written much, if at all, and I would be really interested in seeing it.

I love Sara/Alex.

Sara/Keller intrigues me a lot.


Arthur/Cobb is my favorite pairing, and I would love to see more smut between them. I especially like the idea of loyalty kink and service submission with Arthur being loyal to Cobb. Or maybe a slave AU where Arthur is Cobb's slave.

Arthur/Saito is another pairing that I really like. I especially like the idea of Saito seducing Arthur and wanting to make him his kept man.


Will/Hannibal is one of my favorite pairings. I'd honestly be happy with just about anything with them.

Bedelia/Hannibal is another favorite. I like the dynamic between them, and how in season 3 Bedelia is both afraid of Hannibal and capable of playing him and playing her circumstances to her advantage. I think she's a fascinating character.

Alana/Margot is another favorite pairing of mine, and I think I would just like to see more of their relationship and what attract them to each other.

Freddie/Chilton. Chilton is one of my favorite characters, and I like Freddie as well. I think they could relate as two people who are both very driven to get what they want and who are willing to bend ethics to do that. But they've also survived a traumatic experience together.

Original Fiction:

I seriously love a lot of the original fiction pairings that people nominated. There are so many good ones, and I'd be really happy with any of the ones I requested.

So, that's it for now. I might try to add to this some more over the next couple days because I don't want to be too lacking in prompts or details. I guess that's hard for me because I'm used to kink memes, where my modus operandi is to not be too specific in my requests and to view prompts more as jumping off points than formal requests. And there were so many options on the sign-up page!

I'm doing my best to provide helpful details to my writer and anyone else who may be interested in my requests, but seriously, I'm easy to please. You want to write one or more of my favorite kinks involving one of my requested pairings? I'll be thrilled. Want to write something more vanilla, but nonetheless dealing with one of my favorite pairings? I will still be thrilled.

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