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[sticky post] Fic Masterlist

My fic, ordered by fandom. Full information, including kinks and any warnings, is listed in the fic headers.

**Last Updated: 9/16/2014**

Ratings are based on Archive of Our Own's system:

General/General Audiences
Teen/Teen and Up

I usually give reasons for the rating.

I normally include warnings or content notes. If I choose not to warn, I will say so.

White Collar:

Technical Malfunction Early season 2. Neal gets a surprise visit from Peter (General Audiences)

Lunch for Three Peter and Elizabeth decide to have a picnic. Neal tags along. (Peter/Elizabeth + Neal, General Audiences)

The Old Song and Dance Neal goes behind Peter's back and has to be punished. But he wouldn't be Neal if he didn't make things a little difficult for Peter. (Gen, Teen: spanking)

Escape Artistry Neal teaches Sara how to pick a pair of handcuffs. (Neal/Sara, Explicit: sex)

Save It for a Rainy Day Neal's sentence comes to an end, and the finality of it feels differently than he expected. (Gen, General Audiences)

Sick Days Are Overrated Neal wakes up with nausea and stomach pains, and what he hopes is a short-lived stomach bug is only getting worse. Peter and Mozzie try to help in their own ways. (Gen, General Audiences)

Adrenaline Rush Alex's efforts to make some easy money in London don't go as planned. When Sara connects an art theft to Alex, she doesn't know if it'll make recovering the painting easier or harder. (Alex/Sara, Mature: sex, mild violence)

IncorruptibleNeal attempts to bribe Peter. He ends up getting part of what he wanted. (Peter/Neal, Explicit: dub-con sex)

Best-Laid Plans When Sara found out she was pregnant with Neal's child, their conflicting desires for the future closed the door on their relationship. Now, almost five years later, Neal is trying to establish himself as a legitimate businessman and a dedicated but long-distance father. When Sara moves back to New York, he sees an opportunity for a closer relationship with his son. But in order to do that, he needs to confront long-buried resentments between him and Sara. (Neal/Sara, Sara/OMC, Teen)

Provenance There are parts of Neal's past that he's never told Peter about, but when Peter discovers some discrepancies in Neal's story, they have a conversation that Neal had hoped to avoid. (Gen, General Audiences)

Rainy Dog Day Satchmo runs off, and it's raining. Peter's busy at work, so it's up to Elizabeth to search the neighborhood. (Gen, General Audiences)

When Neal Was 30 (He Struggled With Prison Economics) It's Neal's thirtieth birthday. He's in prison, and the only thing he has to celebrate is a care package from Kate...but it hasn't arrived. (Background Neal/Kate, Teen)

The Caffrey-Ellis Kitchen Heist Neal thinks his kids are being well-behaved while he works. He's wrong. Set in the same 'verse as (Neal/Sara, General Audiences)

Trapped Peter receives an SOS text from Neal, and has to hurry to get him out of a dangerous situation. (Gen, General Audiences)

Between Friends After Keller saves Neal from a sticky situation, they relax in Neal's hotel room. (Neal/Keller, Mature: sex)

Part of the Process Neal usually enjoys shopping, but being made to pick out his own paddle isn't his cup of tea. (Neal and Peter, Teen: spanking)

Silver Linings Alex is looking for Neal after what happened in Copenhagen. Instead, she finds Kate. (Alex/Kate, Teen)

Two of a Kind Neal doesn't plan on Curtis Hagen seducing him. He doesn't plan on accepting it. It happens nonetheless. (Neal/Hagen, Mature: sex)

Full of Surprises In the aftermath of Elizabeth's kidnapping, Neal asks Peter to punish him. (Teen: disciplinary spanking)

The Lost Work of Marcel Lavigne It's all Mozzie's idea: create a fake artist and take the art world by storm with "rediscovered" masterpieces. Neal reluctantly goes along with the scheme, and becomes enthralled in the process of creating an artist. But even the most carefully-constructed cons can go wrong. (Gen, General Audiences)

The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know After being convicted of bond forgery, Neal is sentenced to four years of slavery. But he isn't prepared to be purchased by Peter Burke. Or for what Peter has in store for him. (Peter/Neal, Elizabeth/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Explicit: non-con, dub-con, slavery)

Turning the Tables Neal decides to "train" Peter to appreciate the finer things in life: manicures, nice clothes, good food....But Peter doesn't appreciate being trained by his slave.

Crime and Punishment Neal breaks the law and runs afoul of New York City's Slave Control. As Neal's master, Peter handles the discipline.

The Demonstration Peter agrees to loan out his slave for a presentation on proper slave handling for FBI agents.

Behind Closed Doors While helping Peter with a case, Neal runs into Keller, who jumps on the opportunity to harass Neal over his status as a slave.


Jack/Ianto D/s

Lackluster Ianto knows something is wrong when even the thought of Jack spanking him leaves him bored. (Mature: sex)

Manservant Ianto thought that if he'd been born in an earlier time, he would have liked to be a manservant. (Teen: sex)

Master When Ianto calls Jack "Master," it leads Jack to think about the past. (Explicit: sex, themes)

Routine Ianto is a slave to Jack's whims. (Shaving kink, Explicit: sex)

We Are Broken Ianto wants to be Jack's submissive. Jack is looking for some control. They commit to a month, and let it go from there. If only it were that simple. (Explicit: sex, two parts, second part linked in first)

Fooling Around Jack retaliates for Ianto's April Fool's joke (Mature: sex)

The Way It Was It might have been shameful, but it wasn't... (Explicit: sex)

Prison AU 'verse:

The Con Completely AU. Ianto Jones stole to support his dying girlfriend, and now he's in prison. His cellmate is Jack Harkness, a con man who may or may not be as nice as he acts. Ianto's not one to trust too easily, but when he faces difficulty from other prisoners and a guard, Jack's influence might be his only hope of avoiding a fight. But Jack's only willing to do so much for free. (Jack/Ianto, Mature: sex, themes)

Escape Mechanisms Ianto is still in Torchwood prison. His cellmate, Jack, is helping him pass the time. But when a new inmate arrives who has a history with Jack, the small peace Ianto has found is jeopardized. (Jack/Ianto, Mature: sex, themes)

Other Torchwood fics:

United Gwen/Owen Weevil Voyeur Fic What it says on the tin. Gwen and Owen have an encounter in the cells, and Janet the Weevil finds it very interesting. (Gwen/Owen + Janet, Mature)

Experimental Jack/Ianto watersports porn What it says on the tin. (Jack/Ianto, Explicit)

Pop Psychology Owen is not into submission. That would require him to like pleasing people and being told what to do, and he likes the very opposite of that. NOTE: D/s comment!porn written for Porn Battle VIII. (Owen/Jack, Explicit: sex, language)

Unfortunate An unplanned sexual experience leave both Ianto and Jack feeling regretful. But it's hard to fix something that was an accident. (Jack/Ianto, Mature: themes)

Trustworthy Mary learns to be honest; Toshiko learns to lie. The relationship may work, after all. (Tosh/Mary, General)

Muddy Jack convinces Ianto to try a mud bath. Ianto is ambivalent. (Jack/Ianto, General)

Ten of the Best Jack is the only one who can control John, so when John goes AWOL on a Time Agency mission, Jack is sent in to set him straight. (Jack/John, Explicit: sex)

Culpability [Post-Cyberwoman] Jack wants Ianto to regret his actions. Ianto thinks he's wasting his time. (Jack, Ianto, Mature: violence, themes)

All In a Night's Work Rentboy!Ianto AU, written for the kink meme. (Owen/Ianto, Explicit: sex)

Chance Meeting Set in Adam!verse. Owen comes to work early hoping to see Toshiko. Instead, he comes across Ianto and finds that something is amiss with his coworker. (Owen/Ianto, Mature: themes, violence, sex)

The Road to Hell After an unplanned encounter with an alien plant, Owen and Ianto come to an arrangement: casual sex with no obligations. But good intentions only go so far. (Owen/Ianto, Explicit: sex, themes. Link to story master list)

Post-Apocalyptic Romance The Year That Never Was finds the Torchwood team in hiding in Germany. Tosh and Owen make do. (Owen/Tosh, Teen: sex, themes)

Happy Birthday Ianto knows it's wrong to act on his interest in Jack, but it's his birthday and he's tired of sacrificing. (Jack/Ianto, Explicit: sex)

Writer in a Drawer fics: [Note: links go to Archive of our Own]

With Friends Like These. . . (Team, General)

The Visit (Jack, Ianto)

Absence of Nostalgia (Owen, Owen/Suzie, Teen: themes)

We All Work In a Yellow Submarine (Team, Jack/Ianto, Teen and up)

Missed Chances (Gwen, General)

Adventures in Wales (Owen, Ianto, Teen: language)

Doctor Who

How River Song Got Her Pardon While in prison, River Song receives a surprising visitor: Queen Elizabeth X. What initially looks like an opportunity to finally get her pardon becomes something more. (River Song/Liz Ten, Mature: sex)

The Meeting Before the First In the 51st century, Jack meets a woman in the bar. He doesn't know her, but she knows him. (River Song/Jack Harkness, Mature: sex)


Same Time, Same Place Arthur blackmails Eames into using his forging abilities for dream sex. Eames decides to turn the tables. (Explicit: Noncon/dubcon)

Visiting Hours After a job gone wrong, Cobb visits Arthur in prison. (General)

Devotion Pre-movie. Arthur is in Paris, reevaluating his life after being discharged from the army. Miles is helping him learn dreamsharing. Arthur is in love, at least for now. (Arthur/Miles, General)

How to Know" Arthur builds a relationship with Cobb, which begins as casual sex between friends and gradually becomes more. But as it does so, Arthur's lack of confidence in Cobb weighs on him. (Arthur/Cobb, Mature)

Talk to Him Arthur and Cobb try to make a life together. Having a family makes Arthur question his career. Cobb doesn't know how to communicate, and doesn't understand what Arthur wants as well as he thinks he does. (Arthur/Cobb, General)

A Long Night After a job goes wrong, Arthur returns to his hotel injured. When Eames shows up, he helps. (Arthur/Eames, Mature)

A Firm Hand Arthur and Cobb have an arrangement: Cobb enforces the rules, and disciplines Arthur as necessary. He can't always pretend to know what Arthur gets from it, but he gives him what he needs. Written for kink_bingo. (Arthur/Cobb, Mature)

Battle Scars Fifteen years after the Fischer job, Eames is living a quiet life far from his old work and colleagues. One day, Phillipa Cobb shows up looking for someone to teach her about dream sharing. But what she wants, and why Eames finds himself drawn to her, isn't so simple. Written for i_reversebang. (Eames/Phillipa, Mature)

Men of Honor Arthur is trapped in a dream, caught in a battle of endurance with rival extractors. But when Eames appears, offering aid, Arthur isn't so willing to trust him. (Arthur/Eames, Teen)

Arrested Development

Maeby's Coming Out After falling for a girl, Maeby realizes she might be gay. Afraid of becoming like Tobias, she decides to come out of the closet to her family. (Maeby Funke, General)


Home Olivia is home, but is haunted by her time in the other universe. (Olivia, slight Olivia/Peter, Teen: themes)

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Hazards of Close Quarters Peter grows increasingly ill, and struggles to convince his fellow Guardians that he's all right. But when the origin of his illness is finally revealed, it takes everyone by surprise. (General Audiences)

Hope Springs

Dreams Pre-series. Ellie and Hannah have one last chance to discuss their heist. (Ellie Lagden, Hannah Temple, General)

Wuthering Heights

Fathers and Sons Heathcliff reflects on his relationship with Hareton, over the years. (Heathcliff, Hareton Earnshaw, General)


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