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Smut Swap letter

Hello! This is my letter for Smut Swap!

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Star Wars!

I was very determined to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the theater. I saw Episodes II and III in theaters, and I wanted to continue the tradition.

This created a dilemma, however. I don't particularly enjoy going to the movies. I'm very easily distracted, and people moving/making noise near me while I'm trying to watch something bothers me. I'm not someone who enjoys being a part of an audience. Normally, I would have waited a few weeks for the crowds to die down more. But I'm working full-time now, and I'm on vacation at the moment, so I didn't want to wait too long.

As it so happened, I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning, and it was right across the street from the movie theater. So it seemed like a pretty convenient opportunity to go to the 10 AM showing.

I ended up getting in line for my ticket at around 9:40, and the place was already getting pretty busy. I was really disappointed that I didn't have time to get popcorn. The concession line was so long it was ridiculous. But I probably saved myself an extra $15. The theater was surprisingly busy for a weekday morning, and I had to sit closer to the front than I would have liked. Overall, it worked out pretty well since I had most of the row to myself.

As for the movie itself....

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Technology Woes

On Saturday night, our lights were flickering strangely and the neighbors' power went out entirely. I have no idea what was wrong, but four power trucks came out and we're working for hours.

At 3 AM, they were still working and I was ready to go to sleep. Just as I was starting to doze off, the power went out.

Now, I cannot rest in a pitch dark room. I've always been a little bit scared of the dark, and I'm a big horror fan. When my bedroom is pitch dark, I start imagining things. I didn't want to light a candle and risk the fire hazard (I had enough trouble lighting my menorah last week), so I rigged a flashlight as a sort of night light.

Both cats were spooked. One was skulking around with her belly close to the floor, and the other wanted to be cuddled.

Finally, at 4, the power came back on. But now there was a new problem: the cable and internet were out. We decided to give it a little time.

At 8, my mom woke me up because she was trying to call Verizon about the cable. I was a little under the weather to begin with, and with only four hours of sleep, I wasn't doing great. I didn't get back to bed until 11 or so.

A Verizon technician finally came out, but it turns out the problem is that the power company actually cut the cable cord. The technician didn't have the necessary tools and said someone else would be out. We're still waiting. My Internet access is limited to public wifi.

With luck, this will all be resolved this afternoon. If it's not, then I won't be able to make it to the White Collar rewatch.

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This was probably a bad idea...

...but I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year.

I'd sworn NaNo off a couple years ago because frankly, I'm not that motivated by wordcount-based writing challenges and I'm not that fast of a writer. But a friend asked me to go to the local kick-off party with her and I didn't really want to go if I wasn't going to participate. And with my new job, I've gotten out of sync when it comes to writing, so doing NaNo seemed like a good way of trying to develop a writing routine.

So far, things aren't going all that great. I managed to bang out 2000 words on the first day, but haven't gotten much done so far. Work was crazy last week, and I was planning to use the past couple days as my catch-up days, but I've been stressed out and not doing that great due to non-writing reasons.

I'm going to hang in there, though. I think it's highly unlikely that I'll win, but this has been a good excuse to start the novel that I've been wanting to work on for months.

The only bad thing is that this means that my WC WIPs are on hold at the moment. I'd wanted to get more slavefic posted before November started, but oh well. In the coming weeks, I'll see how serious I am about trying to win NaNo. If I decide to do things more casually, maybe I'll get some other writing done, too.

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Sick :(

My stomach started bothering me a little around dinnertime last night, I woke up with stomach pains at 4:00 AM (which didn't make easy to get a good night's sleep), and I've been feeling not great ever since. When I got home from work, I ended up sleeping for a few hours.

What's frustrating is that I have no idea what's causing it. It feels like it could just be a virus, but it could possibly be a gallbladder attack or something, and I hate not knowing. I feel like my stomach has been doing better over the past six months--I've been feeling normal for the most part. I know there are a few things that still cause sensitivity sometimes, but I don't think anything I ate yesterday was enough to cause this much discomfort, let alone chills and weakness. But it just sucks not to feel confident about that.

I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow.

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So, I was pretty ambivalent about last week's premiere, but this week, I found myself starting to enjoy it more. My interest level has been raised from "not expecting much" to "cautiously optimistic."

So for anyone not watching who wants to play along, here's my recap:

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Brief thoughts:

- Donovan is fun and I'll be sad if anything really bad happens to him.
- I hope John properly investigates these Holden sightings soon because dude, if both you and your daughter have seen him in the creepy hotel, wouldn't you try to do something?
- Tristan is totally going to crash and burn. The guy can barely keep it together as a human, let alone a vampire.

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So, I had the idea of posting AHS reaction posts/recaps this season, mainly because I know there are some people on my flist who are very interested in anything Matt Bomer is in but do not care to watch AHS. But also, there's not really anything else airing on TV right now that I'm interested in watching, let alone recapping.

But alas, when it premiered last week, I totally forgot to watch it. This is probably a good representation of how I feel about AHS at this point. I'm finally realizing that while I loved Asylum (season 2), all the other seasons so far have disappointed me. But I am curious to see Lady Gaga act, it's nice to see Matt have a major role, and like it or not, AHS has become a bit of a long-winded Halloween tradition for me. So I finally got around to watching the first episode, "Checking In." Here is my recap:

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Okay, so thoughts:

- I don't have super high expectations, but that's mainly because of how I've felt about the other seasons. I'll try to give this one a fair chance.

- I don't think this season is very good for the squeamish. Before watching the episode, I'd read some harsh criticisms of the amount of sexual violence in it, and I think it's saying something that the two rape/sexual torture scenes featured in the premiere were worse than I expected based on those reviews. It does feel more violent so far than some of the earlier seasons. AHS is very big on pushing the envelope of what they can get by with on the FX channel, and while some of that I can get behind (more attractive naked people, please!), the amount of violence can feel unnecessary. And I think that's what bugs me about the Se7en homage, because while Se7en is pretty graphic in spots, a lot of stuff is left to the imagination, which is very effective. But Ryan Murphy has no concept of subtlety.

- That said, I'm pretty impressed with Lady Gaga's acting, and she and Matt are very sexy together. Their scenes were my favorite part. I love AHS when it focuses on somewhat campy, over-the-top in an enjoyable way horror as opposed to just shocking stuff happening for the sake of being shocking. Hopefully the campy, fun aspects will continue.

- Also, I'm excited for Evan Peters and Angela Bassett to show up, so that's worth sticking around for.

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Title: Better Safe Than Sorry
Fandom: White Collar
Characters/Pairing: Neal/Sara
Rating: Teen
Word count: 527
Summary: Sara had learned long ago that not all risks were worth taking. Neal Caffrey was probably one of them.

Notes: Written for runthecon, for theatregirl7299's prompt "On the edge of what felt safe."

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Adventures in DVRing, Part 2

I'm still working my way through my DVR's worth of HBO programming. Some stuff I recorded a few weeks ago but hadn't gotten to before now; other things are a bit more recent. Due to a combination of watching (and deleting) stuff and deleting some things that I realistically wasn't going to watch (like a couple episodes of the second season of True Detective. I'll probably still watch the season even though it wasn't well-received, but I should probably start from the beginning. Not a couple episodes in the middle), I've managed to get my DVR down to 61%. Progress!

Here's what I've watched:

Winter's Tale. This movie has a bonus Matt Bomer, albeit in a very small role. The movie didn't impress me much, though. The fantasy elements felt very simplistic and childlike to me, like something you'd see in a children's film. Which isn't necessarily bad, but felt a bit strange here since I couldn't figure out who the intended audience was. The depiction of TB/consumption seemed...medically inaccurate at best, though I'm not really expert, so what do I know? The modern parts felt a bit shoe-horned in at the end. The trailer made it seem like the modern parts made up a bigger portion of the move. And the way the film hurriedly included a moral/message at the end felt like an attempt to make up for the fact that the story didn't come together very well. I get the impression this was based on a book. Maybe the book is better and explains the mythology more.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? I've sort of seen this before, but only parts of it. This was my first time watching it all the way through. It's a beautifully-made film, and I really enjoy George Clooney in it. It's not a favorite of mine, but worth watching properly. Sadly, I can't see this movie without thinking of how many times I've seen it referenced as ushering in the age of digital color correction in film, a technique that is now overused to make everything appear blue and orange. The color effects are done very well here, though, and for good purpose.

Best in Show. Another movie I'd sort of seen, but not entirely. I remembered a few moments but not much else. I'd forgotten Jane Lynch was in it!

Veronica Mars. I'm not sure why I opted to record this, exactly, because I haven't seen a single episode of the show. But I watched Serenity before seeing any of Firefly, so I'm not opposed to jumping into canons at weird points. I found this movie very enjoyable, though there were several points where I felt like I might appreciate it more if I knew who the characters were and their history. But it did raise my interest in watching the show, so we can probably call this viewing a success.

Gone Girl. I can see why there was so much buzz about Rosamund Pike's performance. She's wonderful in this. Even though I knew the story for the most part, I still found it very engaging. I liked it quite a bit. I haven't read the novel, but this seems like a very well-made adaptation. And I love stories that revolve around extremely messed-up people.

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Adventures in DVRing

In an attempt to get us to subscribe again, our cable company has given us HBO for free through the end of the month. I'm trying to take advantage of this as much as possible, because dammit, I miss HBO.

Since I'm working full-time and don't have the time or desire to watch TV all day, I've been DVRing every single thing that looks remotely interesting to me. My DVR was up to 75% full, which is a record for me, but I've gotten it down to 67% now (to be fair, some of the stuff on there is non-HBO stuff that I'm either saving indefinitely, like a few eps of White Collar, or haven't gotten around to yet, like the Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell miniseries that I'm waiting to watch until I finish the book).

The result has been that I'm watching a lot of stuff that I probably wouldn't otherwise, because there are a lot of movies I'll watch given the opportunity but don't really feel a need to seek out. Because of this, since giving up HBO, I've liked most of the movies I've seen. It's a little novel to watch movies that I'm "meh" about.

Here is what I've watched so far:

The Lego Movie -- This one was pretty fun! It wasn't something I was super interested in, but I really enjoyed how much detail went into it.

The Counselor -- I watched this because Michael Fassbender is in it and I like some of the things he's done. Yes, I remembered it got bad reviews, but I'm usually not that hard to please with movies, so I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't quite remember what the bad reviews had said. About fifteen minutes into the film, it dawned on me. 'Wait, is this that movie where reviewers complained about a gross scene where Cameron Diaz has sex with a car?' Yes, it was that movie. And yes, it was pretty weird. The whole movie was pretty weird, like a mix of sleaziness and misery porn. It felt like an exploitation flick. I'm not a fan. The cast was good, though.

The Fault In Our Stars -- I wasn't a huge fan of this, either. It wasn't bad, but I had some problems with it. I felt like it was trying a little too hard to be different and hip, while still ending up a bit predictable and cliched. Like, for what it is, I think it's pretty well-done. I just didn't find it very groundbreaking in the genre, except that it had a manic pixie dream guy instead of a manic pixie dream girl.

Gravity -- Thought it was very well-done. I can see why there was so much buzz about its special effects. This was a good movie to remind me of how terrifying I find space, though.

Girl, Interrupted -- I've actually seen this before, but it'd been years, so I decided to rewatch it. I have mixed feelings about this movie. I love the cast, and Angelina Jolie is great in it. I can't really begrudge it for taking some creative liberties with the memoir since the book is so episodic and doesn't really have a clear narrative. But it's kind of weird to watch presumably true stories turned into a more Hollywood-esque plot. And the film has an oddly different tone from the book. In the memoir, I feel like Susanna Kaysen comes across as much more conflicted about whether her diagnosis was correct, and the portrayal of psychiatry in the 1960's is more complex and cynical than in the movie (if I remember correctly, she says she was ultimately released only because she found a job on the outside). The movie is more about Susanna accepting that she has a problem and that she needs to work with the doctors to get better. It just feels like a strange way to deviate from the book, and it's hard to really buy into Susanna's success within the system when such a big point of book, I feel, is that the system back then over-relied on long-term, involuntary hospitalization and that the women did not have a lot of agency in their own treatment.

Edge of Tomorrow -- Really liked it! I didn't know how much I would since I don't care for Tom Cruise. But I thought it was great. It's the only one of these movies that I would probably watch again in the near future.

I still have a handful of things to watch, and several more scheduled to record. I will probably try to watch something tonight, but I have no idea what, yet.

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